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Whether you’re after Coyote, Bobcat, Fox, Raccoon, Beaver, Mink, Muskrat, Otter, or a wide array of other animal species – Mark June’s Lures has the lures to get the job done. As a world leader in the art of animal lure formulation since 1984, our success as a leading manufacturer speaks for itself. Use all of our lures with complete confidence. We do!

Note: All lures come with poly caps or plastisol lined metal caps. They cost us more to utilize, but these caps assure that what we put in the bottle stays at FULL potency until ready for use. Try that with cheaper metal caps with cardboard liners!


Fox Frenzy is one of the largest-selling fox lures in America with a customer base in ALL fur zones. It’s also my favorite. You can depend heavily on this lure ALL SEASON long. Ideal lure for red & gray fox, badger, coyote, bobcat, lynx and all other predators in your area. Fox Frenzy is a thick blend of fox glands and musks that is truly different.


The “Ultimate” Change-Up Lure. We bring trappers a phenomenal lure made from red fox, coyote and bobcat glands! The curiosity aspect of this gland combination CAN NOT be overstated… predators LOVE IT! What a concept, the 3 glands that catch most fur in one bottle, ready to roll.


Windwalker is our #2 Top Selling Lure Behind Fox Frenzy! A predator food lure with a thick, syrupy consistency. For those of you who like a pinch of pure quill skunk, it’s in there. The seven ingredients used to make this lure are all natural to a predator’s diet so there’s nothing in this bottle to spook ‘em. Effective at all types of sets. Gets better as the temp gets colder. This is an exceptional agent, east or west. Great on all canines, all cats, badgers, pine marten, and fishers. Probably our most versatile lure based on customer testimonials. P.S. I milk my own skunks so this lure contains the real McCoy… not just tinctured essence. This lure flat reaches out to call predators in!


Flat 365 – The name says it all.  Use it on Flat sets, 365 days a year!
Food based lure developed specifically for “Flat” type sets; Q-tip, M-44, Grub Stakes, Scent eggs – Anywhere you want the predator to eat, bite, lick or chew.  Effective for all meat eating predators.  “Smear it where you want ’em! 


Coyote Frenzy contains the same formula as our best selling Fox Frenzy, except we load it with aged coyote glands and fresh cut coyote glands instead of fox glands. Use it with your favorite baits for top-shelf results. As a leader in coyote trapping, we know how to make the good stuff in this category! Good in all types of weather in all regions where coyotes are found.


Cherry Red is a pure fox gland lure that never goes out of style. Fresh preserved glands are mixed with properly aged glands with a pinch of urine to produce that “foxy” smell that really slams ‘em! Works great with your favorite predator bait too. Red fox on various continents fall for this lure each and every season!


This bobcat lure is gland based with ingredients that are proven cat attractants. At the present day price of cats, you CAN NOT mess around with junky lures. No way, no how. I personally cut, trim, grind, and age all the glands in Silent Stalker and encourage its use “heavily” on dirt hole sets, rub sets, baited and all walk through style sets for bobcats. Don’t forget to use some as a premier change-up lure on the canines.


Deadly “Sweet” Canine Lure. This lure performs all season long on coyotes, fox, and timber wolves and is exceptional on all cat species as well. A “deadly” change-up to our gland based lures that works great with or without bait.


My “Ace-in-the-hole” lure to juice up urine posts! Predator control agents report that canines readily approach in all kinds of weather… hot to cold. We render several agents in a lengthy process that assures a consistent canine lure requiring only a number of drops: warm weather 4-6 drops… cooler weather 6-10 drops.  I like to be creative on how I use this lure and you can be too!


Brown Sugar is a thicker blend of high grade mink glands and musk oils from food sources that mink prey upon every day. I use only fresh trimmed mink glands full of drawing power, adding other ingredients to formulate a mink lure designed for even the slippery bucks.  Excellent otter lure and as a change-up lure for fox and coyotes.


This is not a plain castor paste, but rather a liquid beaver lure containing clean cut castor, food source oils and highly alluring musks designed to increase success rates at all beaver sets.  When you place a drop on the water, it actually swirls (contains a high end mint oil that “pops” in the water) and dances downstream looking for flattails. The beaver will follow this scent trail to the source!


When rats are bringing good money, you have to use a lure to maximize your catch and stay ahead of the competition! This muskrat lure does just that. Made with a unique blend of six proven attractants that are plain dynamite on muskrat feed beds and muskrat runs.


A food based coon lure with extremely permeating musks plus shellfish essence as a kicker.  If you ask us which coon lure to use most often, we’re going to point to this one, as it works just as well in a pocket set as it does in a dirt hole or cage trap. 


This lure is the super sweet partner to Primetime Coon. A strong, minty aroma, this call can be used anywhere raccoons are found, but it is at its best along the waterways. This one really dissipates and works on those muggy, foggy nights when coon are running.


There aren’t many products that even begin to compare with this fine oil when it comes to pure calling power for canines, cats, raccoon, mink, otter, fisher, marten, and even muskrats. Pure, uncut shellfish oil with an additive for extra punch.

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