#1 Selling Bobcat Meat Paste Bait in America!
Our pride and joy predator bait. 

Non-tainted bobcat meat base designed to catch targeted animals. (Tainted meats tend to catch non-targets far too often!) You can smell all the top-grade mink glands and beaver castor in this paste bait, but high grade agents like lanolin keep this bait “going and going” in harsh wet or dry weather.  Most don’t use lanolin or real bobcat meat as a base anymore, it’s too costly. But we do! Super effective down a hole – makes ‘em dig for it. Works great with all lures.


For those of you who live where persimmons grow, you quite often find predator scat that’s FULL of persimmon seeds! 
Fox, coyotes, & raccoons love to eat persimmons when they find them, so we tested our Widowmaker Paste Bait spiked with a mild yet sufficient dose of persimmon and we quickly discovered we were on to something special.  Predators dig for and eat this bait like they mean business! Use this bait as a natural change-up to Widowmaker Paste Bait or as a different smell in areas where trapping pressure is intense and the competition is filling their dirt holes with tainted meats.


To produce top coon numbers, I’m talking a 100+ per week, you’ve got to have bait that flat reaches out and calls masked bandits wherever they travel.  This All Season coon bait does just that. Years and years of catching and skinning piles of coon led us to this beauty. Powerful calling ingredients + smoked fish + weather proofed = boat loads of coon! Thick, powerful, and long lasting at the set.


Dog Proof (DP) Traps have taken the trapping trade by storm and this bait will help you maximize and catch raccoons on their first visit!  Coon Chum is a coon chumming blend of Crawfish, Shrimp, & Grain made by grinding crawfish and shrimp (shells and all) into a bran, after which we add grain + add a tasty far reaching lure + we weatherproof the mixture to stand up to moisture & rain and BINGO – Mr. Ringtail smells what’s going on and comes over to investigate and digs into the goodies. Coon Chum is packaged in an econimical Pro Size 64 ounce container. Also very effective in cage traps.

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