About Us

Since 1984 From humble beginnings and a love for the outdoors and all things in it – Mark June’s Lures has grown into one of the world’s largest producers of animal scents and attractants. Our products are used by a wide array of outdoor enthusiasts from hunters, to trappers, to photographers and nuisance control specialists.

As the folks who make it all happen here at Mark June’s Lures, we passionately enjoy trapping, fishing, hunting, lookin’ for sheds, picking mushrooms, panning for gold… you name it – we love it! Why is this important? Because as owners, our mud-on-the-boots experience at our end guarantees quality and consistency of the products at your end. Rest assured that by the time you uncap a bottle or jar of our products, that it’s been tested by many people – in many areas – at many levels long before we offer it to the outdoor enthusiast and that it has lived up to its potential and then some! Results you can count on! Mark & Donna June

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